Hi, I'm Ben.|

I'm an aspiring software engineer from Hereford, England, with a fondness for front-end technologies.



I have had experience working with the following languages and frameworks...

Having completed a Full-Stack engineer course, I have a sound knowledge of back-end technologies such as NodeJS.

I'm in my <element> when it comes to the core, fundamental languages in web development: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The site you're on now is an example of that, built with no frameworks in mind.


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A LeafletJS app encorporating a number of REST APIs.

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Number Guesser

A JavaScript game where you take on the computer in guessing the number.

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Star Wars MadLibs

A Star Wars themed MadLibs game.

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Message Generator

A basic message generator using JavaScript. One of my first mini-projects.


IT CareerSwitch - Coding traineeship

I completed IT CareerSwitch's coding traineeship, this included the following:

Codecademy courses

Full-stack engineer path In completing the full-stack engineer path, I studied the tools that front-end developers use every day, from HTML to React, plus server-side back-end JavaScript libraries with Express.js.
Learn Python 3 These courses gave me a great introduction to both fundamental programming concepts and the Python programming language.
Learn C#
Learn Java
Learn PHP
Learn jQuery

Microsoft Technology Associate: Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS

Microsoft Certificate

About me

After working as a System Administrator for 10 years, I decided I wanted to learn about how the software I was working with actually worked under the bonnet. That led me into the fun, creative, fascinating world of web development.

Front-end is my thing, I love writing clean, consisent, legible code - whether it be a single-page application using HTML, CSS and JavaScript (or React), or a server-side applet with NodeJS or C# for fun.

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